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For The Glory – Some Kids Have No Face

For The Glory – Some Kids Have No Face

For The Glory hails from Portugal, it’s members coming from both Lisbon and Porto. The band has toured Europe on various occasions, playing shows with various hardcore greats like Adolescents, No Turning Back, Cruel Hand and Deez Nuts. Many others as well and many places have been visited by these fellows.

The kind of music the band wishes to make is oldschool hardcore like MadballTerror and obviously No Turning Back. Earlier this year a split 7″ was released with the German band World Eater. This album was originally released in 2011, but now re-released on vinyl by the Italian label Destroy Your World Inc. So this is exactly what you get, a beautiful picture disk with old school hardcore just the way it’s supposed to sound.

Powerful, angry and social themes play a main part in the music of these boys from the sunny country by the sea. The title track ‘Some Kids Have No Face’ deal with the lack of identity and purpose this next generation has, the kids have no face and no part to play. Regarding the state of the world, this seems to be a valid point. Very often those themes are covered by what appears to be rather cliché lyrics, ‘No Faith’ and ‘All The Same’ for example seem to be a collage of hardcore oneliners, brought together into one song with a particular meaning. This makes the band pretty much exactly the way you picture them, but with a message of their own hidden in the words of their fist pumping, adrenaline fueled album. ‘Don’t let them crush your self esteem. Learn to believe in you!’, an example of the ‘chin up’ mentality the band brings across on their record. Words of hope, love and standing up for your dreams have the overtone from ‘Armor Of Steel’ onward.

The German language has a word that brings across that what For The Glory tries to tell us on ‘Routine Equals Hell’, it’s “Weltschmerz”, the feeling of giving up on the world, turning it into the drag it then becomes. “And I Know that I have to keep faith. Embrace this Life, Questions I make…”. A powerful intro makes you automatically nod along with the groovy sound of these guys. ‘Behind My Back’ has all the ingredients to become a cool sing along track for live shows. Musically the band stays close to its roots and inspirators. From the slow paced ‘Egotrip’ to the fast and furious sound of ‘Where’s Justice?’, no real experiments or wild leaps from their traditional sound occur.

The final salute comes on ‘The Pack’, which is packed with positivity and holding up ones hands singing ‘This is what I got, What I got is gold”. Love, respect and a sense of community are strongly present in the vocals and the music is true hardcore, the way we like it. For the Glory doesn’t pretend to change the landscape of hardcore, but for anyone who has seen them live, they are a powerhouse of that oldschool sound. We love them for it.

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