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Friday The 13th Mosh Fest Part 2 @ De Gloppe, Leeuwarden (NL)

Friday The 13th Mosh Fest Part 2 @ De Gloppe, Leeuwarden (NL)

Every once in a while something great gets organized in De Gloppe. Friday The 13th Mosh Fest was founded by Frisian Brotherhood Bookings, who are setting up a lot of hardcore, metal and punk shows in Friesland these days. Part 2 of this hardcore orientated fest was held at Friday the 13th of this month, but I think you already figured that one out. I was very excited for this evening as I haven’t been to a local hardcore show for some time. With great excitement comes great consumption of beer and whatnot, so you can imagine my photo taking techniques weren’t that promising. Luckily, Erwin Jonkman was willing to help out with some awesome photo’s he took that night.


Leeuwarden’s own Bad Attitude had the honor of kicking off. They recently released their first demo ‘Brainfreeze’, which you can expect a review from somewhere this week. Fast, short and no-nonsense are the keywords you are looking for in a Bad Attitude show. The band played 11 songs in about 11 minutes, so I think you know what I mean.


Up next was None Shall Fall from Haarlem. Metal injected hardcore with lots of room for heavy guitar work. The band claims to be influenced by bands such as Evergreen Terrace, Killswitch Engage, Comeback Kid and Parkway Drive. You can absolutely hear those bands being part of their sound. None Shall Fall have put a lot of energy in their show. Unfortunately, the crowd doesn’t show much action yet.


After None Shall Fall’s set, Troops Of Doom were given the opportunity to show us what they’ve got. The band hails from Hengelo and delivers some neat beatdown. Heavy riffing, brutal vocals and after each breakdown you get smacked in the face with another breakdown. If you’re in this kind of music you should certainly give Troops Of Doom a listen.


Chelsea Smile from Leeuwarden released their first full-length ‘Survival of the Innocent’ in July of this year. Most of the songs on this record were performed this night (Perhaps all songs were played, but I’m not completely sure). Chelsea Smile draws influence from bands such as Terror and Trapped Under Ice, but you can definitely hear that beatdown is a big part of their style as well. The result is heavy breakdowns mixed with uptempo in your face hardcore. I really enjoyed their show despite the lack of action on the floor. Their cover of Hatebreed’s “Proven” on the other hand made a lot of heads nodding and caused some positive reactions. Alright!


If you’ve been going to hardcore shows for the last couple of years, chances are Cornered were there offending you. Just like Bad Attitude and Chelsea Smile, Cornered derive from Leeuwarden and showed us how a hardcore show is done. During the band’s soundcheck, De Gloppe received somewhat of a interior make-over. Plants were dragged on stage and balloons got tied up on the drum kit. Frisians, inhibitors of the province of Friesland, usually get defined as being rigid. Well, I guess what Frisians need is some fine hardcore. De Gloppe got completely trashed during Cornered’s set. Plants got destroyed and pieces of it were flying through the room. The floor was filled with balloons, which had no chance of surviving the moshing and thrashing crowd they had to encounter. Brilliant show and great fun. Highlights in the band’s set were “Your Downfall/Fuck Off”, “My War” and “Fuck Your Open Hearts”. Based on the amount of people who showed up and the good atmosphere, I think we can definitely expect a part 3 of Friday The 13th Mosh Fest.

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