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Fucked Up – Glass Boys

Fucked Up – Glass Boys

Now here’s another serious contender for best record of 2014. Fucked Up can hardly do anything wrong with me so if the band had recorded a 120 minutes long space rock opera I would probably be stoked as well. Yet Glass Boys isn’t the more, more, more step after the really good David Comes To Life. No fictional story passing the 70 minutes mark, but a more close to home retrospective in 40 plus minutes.

Don’t get me wrong here. The songs on Glass Boys are as good as any Fucked Up song or even better. Damian’s growl, the great melodies, the punch here and there, Fucked Up have never before sound so effective and spot on. ‘ Sun Glass’ is a good example just as ‘Paper The House’ and ‘Led By Hand’ which features J.Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. ‘Art Of Patrons’ and the title track are two other favorite songs of  mine on this record. And what about the organ used on ‘Warm Change’ or the piano part on ‘Glass Boys’? It all sounds so natural, organic and good.

A while back there were talks of Fucked Up taking a hiatus, Damian leaving the band etcetera. Apparently Glass Boys was the best catalyst the band could imagine for dealing with their inner struggle. Fucked Up is the true heir of bands like Husker Du and Dinosaur Jr. They’re above and beyond any other band currently operating in or close to the hardcore and punk scene and I love them for it. So if that next record will be a 120 minutes long space rock opera I still will be stoked.

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