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Good Luck – Without Hesitation

Good Luck – Without Hesitation

Without Hesitation opens with a nice little riff. ¬†Simple, but it sets the mood right away. And then the vocals hit. Singer / guitarist Matt has a pretty distinct voice, so the first 10 seconds I was adjusting to the sound, but then it made perfect sense. Especially when the other (female) singer Ginger (who has a great voice) joined in. Anyway, with with the opening song “All Good People” I already knew I was going to like this record. I’m a sucker for this kinda stuff. Give me a good melody and I’m sold. And they didn’t let me down.

According to the label they’re “within the realm of” Superchunk, Weakerthans, Ted Leo, Thermals & Built To Spill. That should give you an idea (if the above video didn’t do that already…)… But the first name that popped into my mind was Weezer. It’s not that they sound that much a like, but you know that feel-good vibe they have in a lot of songs? Take that and make it more intense and raw. I don’t know, maybe it’s crazy.

I know this is not the kinda band for everyone (but then again, what band is?), but if you ask me they came up with a pretty great record. I love the sound of the record too, it sounds really ‘open’.

Nothing to complain? Yes, there is. There were no lyrics with my review copy. ¬†And since my promo seems like the final package only with a corner cut off, I don’t think they will be included in your copy either. Which is a big no-no. Maybe it’s just me, but I think bands should always include the lyrics. But then again, the onesheet mentions their songs reference fantasy books like The Golden Compass, Enders Game and Harry Potter. So I can kinda understand why they’re not included. Kidding people, just kidding.

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