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H20 – Use Your Voice

H20 – Use Your Voice

It took seven years for H20’s next step in their five years plan to come to live. To be honest after the endless amount of festival show after Nothing To Prove I didn’t really expect there would be another record. And yet here it is. But is it good enough to re-energize me with that PMA?

No. Use Your Voice is a more melodic and less ‘hard’ record than Nothing To Prove. It’s more Descendents than Gorilla Biscuits I guess. I’m not saying it’s a bad record but it misses really standout tracks like ‘Still Here’ and ‘Whatever Happened’. Songs like ‘Skate!’ and ‘Black Sheep’ sound like fillers to me. I wouldn’t have used them as the opener of the record. ‘Thick and Thin’ and ‘Use Your Voice’ stand out for me as well as ‘Popage’ and ‘Still Dreaming’.

As a whole Use Your Voice isn’t as diverse as Nothing To Prove. And by far the hit record I hoped for.

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