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# HARDCORE 2 zine

# HARDCORE 2 zine

Son of a bitch. Let’s skip the “I wonder if he managed to do a good follow up to the first issue” stuff, because Daan nailed it. Again. Most of what I said about issue #1 still applies.

This time he did get some more help from friends though, you probably should even consider # HARDCORE #2 a split zine with “Hungry Is How I Feel” (by Wim). I still don’t care about Kickback, or interviews about food, but if you liked the first issue you’ll love this one too, maybe even more.

I’m not going to waste too many words on it: It’s simple, just go here and purchase your copy. And try to get #1 (sold out) somewhere too.


– “No, does not come with a digital download, you dick!” on the front of the cover
– Def P. / Osdorp Posse quote in the intro
– Mike Judge’s column 😉
– TV party with QR codes (scan them for some cool HC documentaries and shit)
– Spoiler interview (non-food questions)
– Ieperfest review (!)
– Bad Brains interview (reprint from ’82, but who cares, it’s the Bad Brains)
– Top 5 page (“Stokbrood top 5”)

But a little list like that doesn’t do it (2,3…) justice.

In the little note I got with the zine Daan says he hopes to take less than a year to release #3. I don’t care if you take a year Daan, as long as there will be another issue. Consider this my “pre-order” for that one.

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