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Harms Way – Rust

Harms Way – Rust

Two years since Harms Way crushed everything in their path with the Deathwish EP Blinded, the band now unleashed their new full length. Aesthetically speaking, Rust  is a beautiful record. Musically speaking, it is not, but the punishing industrial influenced mid tempo hardcore with some of the hardest mosh parts you’ve heard so far this year, isn’t supposed to be so.

Moving from power violence to industrial has made things a lot better for Harms Way but this record get bland quickly. It slays but we’ve heard this before. It is a good thing the band stepped up the pace because the two longer songs on the EP were a bit much.But even ten tracks in thirty four minutes and two guest appearances (Colin Young of Twitching Tongues on “Amongst the Rust” while “Turn to Stone” features Emily Jancetic (Arctic Sleep), the most surprising moment of the album) don’t lift the band up to the high standards Deathwish has. Clearly Jacob Bannon likes the Godflesh and doom vibe.

By no means is Rust a bad record. The band is at the top of the metal core genre and crushes with some simple but focussed sludgy industrial riffs.But seeing how they have progressed, it could have been so much more.

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