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Have it all – Changes EP

Have it all – Changes EP

Have it all is an Italian hardcore band. They operate on the more melodic side of the genre. Changes is their second offering and like their debut EP, this is a pure DIY product. After listening to Changes a couple of times I find it hard to understand, as I know lesser bands that do have label support.

Have It All understand perfectly well they need to bring something extra to make them stand out in a rather crowded genre. They decided to infuse their melodic hardcore with influences from some different genres. Next to metallic riffs and a breakdown here or there you’ll find an AFI inspired part in the beginning of Create. The same song also harbors some screamo influences.

The sound of this album is pretty neat. The guitars are not overwhelming the whole mix, like in some other modern productions I’ve heard this year. This results in a heavy, but very open sound. Refreshing if you ask me. The singer is pretty capable and operates in the same league as Brothers or Tall Ships for example.

Although they do nothing wrong, I can’t say they’re the saviors of the genre unfortunately. They are definitely unto something though. I’m looking forward to more work from these lads to see how they’ve developed. You might want to give ‘m a chance; this EP can be downloaded from their bandcamp (name your price). If you want a quick check, just give best song Create a spin.

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