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Heiress – Of Great Sorrow

Heiress – Of Great Sorrow

John Pettibone returns with the second album from Heiress. Musically, Of Great Sorrow follows in the vein of Early Frost released on Deathwish in 2012 after three 7 inches. The main difference is that this new one is artistically less diverse and challenging, the sound is more straight forward.

So, Pettibone and co. left their pan flute out of the recording studio this time. It may not be the most compelling argument but the ten songs don’t offer any new insight into the atmospherical metal/hardcore sound of the band. These songs are great though. From the titletrack that slowly builds up to a crushing post metal climax to the furious ninety second ‘Dehumanized’, the band manages to deliver once again. Other strong parts are the omnious ‘Dismalist’ or the way intermezzo ‘Old Haunts’ leads into ‘Hover’.

None of these tracks is as good as ‘Beyond Fevering’ from their previous record but for those longing for new tunes from Heiress, Of Great Sorrow is most definitely not a disappointment. It is at times a little bit too predictable however.

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