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Hightime – Ishi Prende

Hightime – Ishi Prende

Hightime are equal parts INSTED style hardcore, NOFX shaped punk rock, and erm, decent sounding ska. Yes I know there’s no such thing as modern ska punk that is in any way listenable, but there’s something about the way Hightime combine a whole load of worldy influences and switch between them that makes it not matter. A couple of songs remind me of the UK’s King Prawn, another band not scared to straddle a few genres and do them all justice.

What is really¬†endearing¬†however is vocalist Nina’s style. She can sound soft and feminine, snarling and tough, and all the time sincere and real. None of the nasally whining that spoils some pop punk bands, and she can really let rip, like on the track ‘To Spoil’ which apart from having a guitar solo sounds like it could have been written by Ignite or No For An Answer.

Elsewhere the band displays their great musicianship by switching tempos all over the place, and never staying in the same place long enough to lose your attention. My favourite tracks are ‘Don’t Move Away’ which is quite literally about giving your home town a chance and not ditching it like the cool kids do for the bright lights of the big city, and the totally raging hardcore track Nothing To Stop.

I’d love to see these guys live sometime so lets hope maybe someday they hit the UK or mainland Europe. Definitely check out this CD is you want to hear a fresh take on that good old pop punk formula.

Link: Hightime website
Link: Pee Records

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