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Hijinx – Hijinx EP

Hijinx – Hijinx EP

And so I learned something new again today. Hijinx, according to Urban Dictionary, your reliable source of online information, states that Hijinx is a joke. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? How does this band see themselves. Not to serious perhaps? They seem serious enough, releasing their third EP (not counting the acoustic EP they did). A self titled this time.

Hijinx plays street punk not unlike Dropkick Murphys minus the folk stuff or The Deal. Instead of folk influences you’ll hear an organ or a piano in some songs. They do deliver some catchy tunes here, and that’s what this genre is all about, isn’t it? Now, I dropped the name Dropkick Murphys for a reason. Like Dropkick Murphys Hijinx uses more singers. The more gruff voice used even resembles Dropkick Murphys’ Ken Casey. The other singer sounds a lot cleaner and reminds me a lot the singer of The Deal (now you know why I dropped that name).

Musically Hijinx isn’t doing anything special, nor do they have something gimmicky to make ‘m stand out amongst the crowd. What speaks for them is they’re not doing anything wrong either. I imagine they are able to create quite a party live.  I’m afraid that will not lead to stardom or heaps of money, but hey, who’s playing punk with those goals in mind?

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