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Human Animal / Additional Time – split 7″

Human Animal / Additional Time – split 7″

A while ago I reviewed Erie PA’s Human Animal’s debut release, the ‘Dark Days’ EP. They now return with the follow up, a split 7″ with Additional Time from Germany, released on German label Demons Run Amok.

Human Animal follow up their EP with 2 more tracks in the same vein, heavy in-your-face hardcore with a ton of groove and EMS’s distinct and instantly recognizable vocals. They worked a bit on their sound, adding a few more leads here and there which give their sound a slight metallic edge. The vocals of EMS and the abundance of gang vocals are what make Human Animal unique however, and the first track on their side, ‘The Outlier’, shows this really well. Lyrically, the songs deal with the frustration of growing old (without coming off jaded), something everybody over the age of 30 can relate to I think. I love HA’s side of the split, it’s great to hear a band made up of old-timers who still sound so fresh and hungry.

I know Additional Time released a 7″ a while ago, but I haven’t heard it. After hearing the 2 songs on this split 7″ I will definitely track it down however. Opening track ‘B.I.B.’ (Brothers In Blood) hits you like a ton of bricks and reminds me of fellow Germans Final Prayer’s 1st album ‘Right Here, Right Now’, which I absolutely love. And they continue in style with the 2nd track, ‘Simon Says’. Heavy and mosh-able hardcore, with raw vocals. Their lyrics are fairly unremarkable however, dealing with their friends/crew and standing up and taking control of your own life. Nothing bad, but also nothing we haven’t heard a ton before.

If you’re looking for heavy hardcore to mosh to or sing along to, this split delivers from the first to the last second. My preference is for Human Animal’s side, but all in all it’s a pretty well-balanced split with 2 bands that compliment each other well.


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