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Hysterese – s/t

Hysterese – s/t

Hysterese is not the most creative band when it comes to naming their albums. This is their second full length and it’s Hysterese. Just like their debut. Fortunately for us the band displays a lot more creativity when it comes to writing music. Which is much more important than coming up with a catchy title, I’m sure you’ll agree with that.

Hysterese is a band hailing from Germany. On their second album they mix influences from American bands such as The Observers or The Red Dons, Autistic Youth with Swedish punk like Masshysteri and Gorilla Angreb. For good measure a dash of crust is added to the sound. The mix is finished by adding dual male/female vocals and I can tell you: the end result is quite pleasing to the ears. It’s melodic without drifting into the melodic hardcore territory, it’s got that garage vibe going on without being full out garage rock etc. The end result is incredibly catchy. A great achievement from this German band. Unfortunately I missed their first record, which I’m definitely going to check out next.

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