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Ieperfest 2014: The Good, Bad and Ugly

Ieperfest 2014: The Good, Bad and Ugly

One hundred years ago World War 1 started. For four years hundreds of thousands of young men lost their lives fighting all over the world. One of the hardest battles was fought in the area around Belgium’s Ieper. Four long years armies hardly moved forward. Trench warfare. Teenagers caught in the mud and rain with bullets flying over their head. That was then, this is now. During the past 20 years Ieper in the summer has grown to become the capital city of European hardcore. The Ieperfest has become a worldwide phenomenon and this year’s edition promised to be a legendary one. No Warning reunion show,  Gorilla Biscuits, Ringworm, Converge, H20. It was enough for over 12.000 people to buy a ticket.

I won’t go and give a review of every band that played over the course of three days, mainly because I haven’t seen everything. But some highlights and lows of three days of mud, rain, vegan food and loud music:


Turnstile: without a doubt one of the best performances of the year. The boys from Baltimore played a well received and energetic set which left many people in awe. A tight band and most importantly an energetic frontman is all you need to get the masses going.

Bane: probably the last performance of Bane at Ieperfest. Due to the heavy rain the organizors decided to move Bane’s set from the open main stage to the biggest tent and that decision paid off. The band played a short, fast paced mix of old and new songs. Fingerpoints, stagedives and moshing. Bane’s final backward glance was my personal highlight.

Antidote: after that pretty bad new record on Bridge 9 I didn’t really care about seeing Antidote play. Boredom got the best of me and I decided to check it out anyway. If it wasn’t for the singer’s hat I would be feeling really good about these oldsters. Kicking off with ‘Something Must Be Done’, playing some well received covers and ‘Foreign Job Lot’, Antidote kicked ass. This was one solid performance I didn’t expect to see.

Angel Dust: one of the most talked about newer hardcore bands played an energetic set as well. The crowd didn’t go as crazy for them as for Turnstile but it was good enough. They have that summer punk vibe that could appeal to a bigger audience.

Kids Insane: heartfelt and energetic hardcore on the melodic site from Modern Life Is War. A thousand times better than all the tough guy beatdown bands that were also playing if you ask me.

Toxic Shock: being one of the most energetic live bands in Europe, you just know that Toxic Shock is the best wake up call for anyone at Ieperfest. Then again, playing before noon is not something most bands like to do. But the Shock brigade did their best and once again were one of those bands able to gain new fans just by putting up the best performance possible. Wally didn’t get as crazy as he usually does but with a hangover and sprayed ankle he’s excused.

Morning Again: for the first time ever in Europe Morning Again with Damien on vocals. All vegan edge moshers from back in the day should have been there to witness this. They got everyone moving like it was 97-98. Impressive and good.

Blind To Faith: if there was any band that brought back war to Ieper it was Blind To Faith. Unfortunately Infest didn’t play, but for those looking for the soundtrack of  fast paced destruction this was a good compromise. Though compromise isn’t the right word when talking about Blind To Faith. Can hardcore in 2014 still be dark and dangerous? Yes.

And now about the return of No Warning. I didn’t expect much of a band that hasn’t been playing for a long time. But for a reunion show this was really good. At least music wise. Ben Cook however seemed to be enjoying his time in the spotlights maybe a bit too much. I also expected an even more crazy response from the crowd but maybe the muddy terrain kept some people from going off.

Let downs:

Gorilla Biscuits: as good as their perfomance at Groezrock was a few years ago as boring was their Ieperset. To me Gorilla Biscuits should be energetic, fun. This was midpaced and far from energetic. Where the band should be able to put a smile on your face, this time I couldn’t do more than frown.

Converge: was it playing just before the anticipated return of No Warning? Was it the bad sound quality that most band playing the main stage had to deal with? I don’t know but Bannon and co hardly made an impression.

Yet the biggest let down to me is the fact that bands like Deez Nuts get to play Ieper. For a festival that is all about animal rights and ecology it’s pretty strange to forget about human rights if that means less people attending. Why does a band like Deez Nuts who aren’t really all about feminism get a chance to play a fest like Ieper where they have a workshop on feminism is beyond me.




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  1. Onno said on 2014-08-14

    understand your point about Deez Nuts, but how many HC bands really ‘practice what they preach’?

  2. Jelle said on 2014-08-14

    I thought Converge was great music wise, vocals weren’t always what they should be but still the best time I’ve seen Converge I think.

  3. Just Killing Time said on 2014-08-14

    What does Deez Nuts have to do with being or not being feminist? All they do is sing about drinking, smoking weed and partying with bro’s. They are basicly a mordern day Murphy’s Law (who were also scheduled to play before they pulled out and nobody was making a fuzz about that.)

    I think you have them confused with Emmure, who did all those horribly sexist ‘joke’-shirts lately.

    Why do Deez Nuts play a festival like Ieper?
    Because a lot of kids love them, they are one of the most popular current hc bands and they are an awesome live band.

    Who knows, maybe some kids into that band got into contact with ‘real’ hardcore bands (blegh) and some of the stronger values.

    If you don’t like a band, fine. But get of your high horse.
    Horses are for Rick Ta Life.

  4. Maurice said on 2014-08-14

    I totally agree about Turnstile, Morning again, Toxic Shock, Converge, BTF and NW.
    I also enjoyed Antisect, Misery Index, Suffocation, BSF, Crowbar.

  5. ben said on 2014-08-14

    Nice review. I had also a great time, this is such a great festival, i really want to congratulate the guys who made it possible. Especially as they had a lot of issues with so much bands cancelling including headliners. Especially as bands want more and more money in advance nowadays.

    My highlights:
    +++ Turnstile
    +++ Morning again. I was seriously fucking blown away by the tension, the energy. impressed.
    ++ Antidote. If they would practice a bit more they could make a killer show. Apparently they will make a euro tour later this year.
    ++ Expire.
    ++ Dog eat dog. Found it really cool, straight back to the 90’s.
    ++ Backtrack. What I expected.
    ++ Authority Zero.
    ++ Bane, wow
    ++ Gorilla Biscuit, they could have played a tighter set I agree but it’s still nice to see.
    + Converge: bit let down by the vocals.
    + No Warning: It’s like Floorpunch. Not the greatest band live, but the songs are so good. It’s impossible not to start moshing like an idiot. And they didn’t play much of suffer survive. Funny to hear saturday all the rumors about how much they ask. Made me think of people criticizing Youth Of today asking 2000€ to play club shows in 2012 when they ask 50 times more 😀
    +/- Strenght Approach. Found it a bit boring.
    – Ignite. I am bit disappointed by their live show nowadays. The singer doesn’t interact much with the public.
    — SNFU. A bit let down.
    — Jesu.
    —– DYS, cancelling second time in a row

    Other stuff:
    +++ The food was great. Congratulations to the organization.
    ++ City is still nice, it’s cool to have a city festival.
    +/- weather
    +/- The trench stage. The atmosphere is great but I fear they will put more and more bands there, and then not everybody will be able to enter. Like the ethnies stage at Groezrock. I think they should only program small or local bands there.

    I found Deez Nuts good, probably after all the bad I heard. I don’t think the message is worse than other bands that played the same day. I think everybody has contradictions anyway 🙂

  6. Jelle said on 2014-08-21

    Did no one see Sunpower? Probably the best set on Friday!

  7. xLOYALx said on 2015-01-14

    Deez nuts is hardcore parody. Fuck this band and their attitude, HC is more than music, HC is more than a party with friends. Without politics, hardcore dies…

    • Just Killing Time said on 2015-01-27

      Yeah, because there have never been (well regarded) hardcore bands in the past that mainly sing about partying. And Terror is all about politics. Pffff…