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Ignorance Is Strength zine

Ignorance Is Strength zine

After the “Clocked In” issues Wouter decided to start an online blog called “Ignorance Is Strength”. It didn’t work out for him though, “it felt like a waste of time”. No need to worry though, luckily he’s back at the paper zine business.

So let’s see what this first issue has to offer.

It has interviews with Black Breath, Blind To Faith, Cold Snap, Feed, Foundation, Goldust, Keep It Clear, Mindset, New Lows, Oathbreaker, Vivian Girls and Cornered. Most of the interviews are interesting to read, but personally I think they could be a bit longer.

Aside from band interviews it has people talking about their favorite lyrics. Originally this was planned to be a separate zine on it’s own called “Casting Shadows”. That would have been cool, but it’s nice to see it incorporated into this one. Some interesting stories in there.

To close it off, I love the lay-out. Cut & paste all the way. Cool pictures with lyric quotes. There’s just so much stuff to read on every page.

With this issue, Wouter delivered his best zine yet. I can recommend it to anyone. On to issue #2!

To get this you can get in touch with Wouter right here on the board or just mail him at ignoranceistrengthzine at gmail dot com.

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