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Inherit – s/t

Inherit – s/t

From the minute the needle hits the vinyl there’s no way out. The beast is unleashed and all the listener can do is bow down to trash riffs and great vocals.

Inherit from the UK are a metallic hardcore band in the right kind of way, they’re not Hatebreed v 1.000.000, but take their cues from older bands like Cro-Mags (and Both Worlds according to Pim in the interview he did with Inherit). If you’re into guitar solos you will no doubt get your kicks out of the intro to Ritual Of Disappearance whereas I personally like the song because of its great chorus.

What makes Inherit stands out amongst the flock ¬†above all is the vocal delivery by Adam Malik. He’s doesn’t go the easy way by trying to sound like John Joseph or any other of hardcore’s more prominent front men, on this 7″ he tries to bring a style of his own. Another positive thing about this 7″ are the lyrics. Inherit doesn’t sing about hard life on the streets of Nothing Hill or the unity at Camden but keep things personal and inspirational.

Closing the four song 7″ is a cover by Zero Tolerance, a not that well known early nineties hardcore band from Buffalo New York. Inherit vocalist Adam released a 7″ of them on his own label. Scott Vogel of Terror does some guestvocals on the song.

Oh and about that beast, beware of the artwork cause once you unfold the package the giant beast will come for you.

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