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Iron Age – Constant Struggle

Iron Age – Constant Struggle

Fuck it. I said I was never going to rate something 5 stars. Why? Because I think 5 stars are meant for classics only and you never know that up front. Well, this time I’m going to act Nostradamus on your ass and call this record a classic. I keep playing this record and putting tracks of it on mixtapes. So there you go, 5 stars. Congratulations. Well done.

I didn’t decide that just today when I received this Reflections Records release. This is a reissue of the Youngblood Records release, the only difference is the different artwork. The Youngblood release wasn’t reviewed though and I think this release deserves some more attention. That’s why I’m boring the hell out of you with this review, trying to convince all of you how great this album is.

If you don’t know about Iron Age yet I would describe it like a mix between the Cro Mags and No Warning. Something like that. NYHC. Heavy riffing, great grooves, powerfull voice, melody. Right up my alley.

I’ve heard some complaints about the sound of this full length but I can’t say I agree with them. I love the sound of this album. I have to say I’m not really picky when it comes to production, but to me it sounds damn powerfull.

You can find two songs on the Youngblood Records Myspace, Reflections will have an MP3 up soon too I guess. Listen and decide for yourself.

This is going straight up to the nr 1 spot of my yearlist. I just don’t think another record will top this anytime soon. Can’t wait to check this band out live.

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