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Iron To Gold – Soultraveler 7″

Iron To Gold – Soultraveler 7″

These Polish old timers from the Warsaw straight edge scene take a step back from their past endeavors playing metallic hardcore in bands such as Sunrise and Daymares. With Iron To Gold it’s all about what shaped these guys when they decided to pick up their instruments in the first place a decade or two ago. However, I wouldn’t label Iron To Gold a seasoned old school band. Because with their polished and clean alternating guitars they capture a sound like many other bands nowadays. More important though, you can tell that the metallic riffing and grooving that some of the late 80s and early 90s bands had going on were from major influence for the musicianship on this record.

On “Soultraveler” you can expect four straight up hardcore songs to learn by heart and stage dive to. With great riffing, groovin’ and incredible song writing. Clever and passionate lyrics dealing about personal experiences, living your own life and trying to making a difference. Without getting to personal, I know some of these dudes for a very long time and always admired them for being 100% real and trying to make a difference. They are standing the test of time and holding true to their values. They actually live what they preach and therefore hardcore through and through.

It looks like we finally have captured a band that does not only play a good game of intense core, but actually uses the stage to speak out. Very hard to find nowadays, but Iron To Gold is proof that it still does exist. If this is what the future of hardcore looks like, I’m beyond stoked.

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