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It’s Now – Resister Y Exister

It’s Now – Resister Y Exister

Though I hate to admit it I’m one of those guys who always talk about not only focusing on the American hardcore scene, yet never seem to be able to really have enough time, energy or whatever to practice what I preach. I know there are great hardcore bands outside of the US and Western Europe as lately proven by Remission and Rearranged (though Russia in fact is Europe as well for a large part). If I wasn’t for Robert Commitment releasing this ep I doubt if I ever would have heard about It’s Now.

It’s Now is a vegan straight edge band from Mexico and has been around since 2003. That’s as much as I could get from their blog. Which actually is a lot considering their blog is in Spanish and my Spanish isn’t nearly as good as my French and French classes were hell for me at school.

Just like their blog all the lyrics on Resister Y Exister are in Spanish. Fortunately the band includes translations in English for every song. That way I know the band deals with international vegan straight edge topics like animal abuse, religion and making a positive change. Exister, the last song on the ep, features words from Ricardo Flores Magon a Mexican anarchist and social reform activist whom I never heard or read about till I received this ep.

Musically It’s Now cover more well known ground with their style of pissed off youth crew hardcore not unlike former Commitment band Reaching Forward and Halfmast. The kind of youth crew that was pretty popular in the nineties.

Though the songs itself are pretty good I doubt I will listen to this record a lot. The language barrier gets in my way since I find it harder to really get into lyrics I have to translate before I know what the singer is singing about. That said it really is time more people open their ears to hardcore from all over the world.

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