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It’s Your Choice #2 & #3

It’s Your Choice #2 & #3

When I did the trade with Brian for his Isolated zines I also picked up two It’s Your Choice zines.

And while I really liked Isolated, I can’t be that positive about It’s Your Choice. To be honest I kinda expected that to be the other way around, since I’m more into the bands featured in these zines.

It’s Your Choice are A4 sized zines. And to put it bluntly right away: It’s mostly single page, not that interesting, less than 10 questions interviews and the design looks like it’s made in Word. Ouch. Did I just say that? And that design aspect is rather surprising, since Brian, who made Isolated look great, also did the design for these zines. I don’t know what happened there (last minute rushjob?), but aside from the frontcover it’s pretty bad. Times New Roman and a picture here and there just doesn’t quite do it. Sorry. And that wouldn’t be a problem, if the content was interesting. But halfway through the first zine I even noticed i started to ‘scan’ the zine instead of actually reading it. It wasn’t holding my attention at all. Not a good sign.

If you really love a ‘funny’ picture of a cat you can add 05 points to the score. Guess they’re meant as a poster or something, but it just looks rather silly and half-assed. On the other hand it fits right in with the superficial band ‘interviews’.

I wish I could be more positive, but I just can’t. There are way better zines out there. Maybe #4 will be better?

It’s Your Choice #2 Title Fight, Twitching Tongues, Soul Search, World Of Pain, Focused X Minds, Silverhammer, ACxDC and more

It’s Your Choice #3 Fire & Ice, Take Offense, Beware, Disengage, Xibalba, Hammerfirst

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