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Ivy League TX – Transparency

Ivy League TX – Transparency

Many people hailed this band as the new Title Fight. And record opener ‘Canopy’ does bare some resemblance to pre-Floral Green era Title Fight, yet there is more to the sound of Ivy League TX. A song like ‘Void’ combines poppunk drumming with a grungesound and ‘Coalesce’ sees the band taken drawing inspirations from both Lifetime and Make Do And Mend.

Transparency is full of great ideas and nice choruses however there are some flaws if you regard the record as a whole. As a whole it doesn’t seem the most coherent album. Maybe it’s the sequencing or the band overplayed themselves, wanting to put everything they have on one record, but for whatever reason I have the feeling most songs work pretty good on their own while when you try to listen to the whole record, things get kind of dull half way in.

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