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Joey Cape – Stitch Puppy

Joey Cape – Stitch Puppy

It has been four years ago since Joey Cape released Doesn’t Play Well with Others. Back then, punkrockers going acoustic was really popular but Cape was no cornflower when it came to stripping down his sound. Because of various side-projects and the triumphant return of Lagwagon with Hang, recording¬†Stitch Puppy took awhile but here it is.

If you already think the artwork is creepy with the titular doll, better not check out the video. The stitch puppy was made for Cape by his daughter and wife to help him cope with all the hardship that befell him for the past few years. Because of this, the ten new songs are darker in tone, not surprising for those who read the lyrics to Hang.

It is very nice to hear new songs by Cape, his voice is still very rich and strong and he knows how to use a piano without becoming overly dramatic (‘Broken’). But really exciting or surprising, this record is not. A welcome addition to his rich work outside of Lagwagon though.

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