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Kabul Golf Club‎ – Le Bal Du Rat Mort

Kabul Golf Club‎ – Le Bal Du Rat Mort

All the way from Afghanistan (Oops, sorry I mean Belgium) operates Kabul Golf Club. Four boys who know how to rock considering their old bands Kindred or Enemy of the Sun. In five songs the energy level is rising higher than the temperature in the Afghanistan desert.

In the guitar parts you can still hear the ghost of Kindred; it’s absolutely nice this is brought back in Kabul Golf Club. They combine it with frantic outburst not unlike Blood Brothers or Daughters. Just as these bands these rockers know how to write catchy songs that include unbelievable breaks and noisy dissonant stuff even The Dillinger Escape Plan would love to have written.

Normally the bass parts are put in the back of mix, not on ‘Le Bal Du Rat Mort’, in “Minus 45” these parts even carry the song at moments. Vocally there are a lot of different styles on this EP. Insane screaming mixed with distorted vocals or just an angry, but clean, vocal. “Fast Moving Consumer Goods” is a good example of this approach.

The EP is overwhelming. Like a whirlwind you are constantly surprised by brilliant invented noises and the craziest rhythms. “5 Minutes 2 Midnight” is my favorite song but actually all of them are direct hits. In Belgium they are already on the rise with airtime on Studio Brussel (why don’t we have stations like this in the Netherlands supporting national acts?) and I hope the rest of Europe will follow. According to this professional produced product they deserve it for 100 percent.

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