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KDC – The Veracity Of Solitude

KDC – The Veracity Of Solitude

“Hey, Lowieke!

Thanks for taking the time to check out this record.

I hope you like it!”

This is enclosed with the album I received from my mailman. I’ll just come back to that later on.

Saying (hardcore) punk is dead hurts me instantly. I sure can agree that punkrock is evolving and the old fashioned Pistols punk rock is gone. But if you keep your eyes open you’ll notice that once in a while bands stand up and make exactly that furious, frustrated and (most important) sincere sound that you, and me, are longing for in hardcore punk. Trash Talk is one of them. Paint it Black is one of them. Converge is one of them. Ratking did it last year. And KDC, in my opinion, is doing it right now.

Maybe not yet on a level of the bands named but The Veracity Of Solitude goes to the core immediately and rams on till the end within 20 minutes. But with ramming till the end there is no just playing short hardcore songs but there’s still a line to be followed. The album goes on as one whole, lyrically as musically it sounds like a story.

On “23to28” I have to think back of Society’s Parasites (one album, 2007, go check it out). The fast and sneering guitars in combination with the aggressive and, in my ears, meant vocals is exactly what I found so freaking amazing on this, sadly under-appreciated, album and band. Ironically enough the one song that lyrical inherently should remember of Society’s Parasites musically totally differs. Where SP’s Echo Park could be the fastest of the record KDC’s is the total breakdown of the whole album. Slow massive guitars and spitting lyrics. “Restless souls….”  and then a nervous peeping amp who leads to the brilliant “Can’t rest in peace!!!”. Fuck me, what a terrific song.

Has to be mentioned is the amazing ‘Neverface’. The guitarwork is fantastic, and the dynamics between this guitar and the vocals are even more fantastic. Also this song is the first time were there is an, until now, unheard dynamic between vocalist and a back up vocalist, good grunt towards a ferocious “Will I ever conquer this”. It ends with a sigh, “Will I ever conquer myself”, and an impending bassdrum.

Well every song on this record can be mentioned separately but just go check it out for yourself, its on its best in its fullness. Alright one more awesome thing can’t be skipped. On ‘Pinkeye’ KDC go for a Touche Amore styled empty room vocals but including an out of tune riff which represents and completes the naïve and lonesome lyrics. Finally this leads to an honest and chaotic sort of selfreflection. The album closes, just like Ratking did with their great EP, with one final brutal finale which makes you start over immediately. This album is perfect and also the artwork is very impressive. If I have to name one negative aspect of the record than it has to be that there’s no explanation of the name of the band in the credits, can’t stop wondering what KDC stands for.

So all and all I just want to say: don’t you guys thank me…. I have to drop on my knees to the floor and thank each of you for picking up an instrument and hitting me straight at the soul and maintaining my belief in true and sincere hardcore punk! And oh yeah… Please get you’re asses over the ocean and come tear down some of the venues I like.

PS: I know it’s tempting to just throw my words in the wind and ignore the Bandcamp link I’ve placed. But please do check this one out. You will regret missing out on such an terrific album!

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