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Kevlar Bikini – Explodisiac

Kevlar Bikini – Explodisiac

Kevlar Bikini? REALLY? Can you imagine you’ve been rocking out with your friends for a couple of times in a rehearsalroom and you need to come up with a name (I hope it went like that, and not like some bands these days that have merch ready before a single song is written)… After a long debate you all decide that “Kevlar Bikini” is the best option. I would have loved to see the other options, “Cryptonian Underwear” or “Neon Bright Bunny Bullets” maybe? Oh well, it might actually be kinda refreshing to see a band not taking themselves too seriously.

This band from Croatia sounds like a drunken festival mix of rock and roll and metal with James Hetfield’s nephew singing. And I don’t actually mean that in a bad way. Explodisiac is a highly energetic album and I have to admit it’s just executed really well. The sound is great and it sounds like they’re having FUN. Probably a great liveband.

It’s refreshing to hear a band now and then that clearly loves what they’re doing and isn’t all about the end of the world or everything that’s wrong with it. Maybe they actually have a bigger message, but from reading the songtitles (and bandname) and listening to this record I didn’t get that idea. And that’s okay. I probably won’t be listening to this record a lot, but sometimes you want to put up a record and just push that pedal. For moments like that Kevlar Bikini might be a good choice.

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