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Kickback + Rise And Fall + Blind To Faith @013

Kickback + Rise And Fall + Blind To Faith @013

When you book a band like Kickback you just now there’s a very big chance of trouble. So why do people still put this band on shows and act all surprised when things happen?

Blind To Faith were on time to warm up the audience at this Sunday matinee. With approximately 150 people showing up the turn out wasn’t as bad as I expected. Those who came early saw a great Blind To Faith work through their sludge meets hardcore material. Vocalist Stijn didn’t use his Human Furnace voice this time around but stayed close to the way he usually sings in Reproach. To me that made Blind To Faith all the more enjoyable.

Rise And Fall are laying low for a while. After the Tilburg show there will be a show this week in Brussels and that’s it. This announcement on Facebook was followed up with comments of people who think they’re breaking up. The way I see it the guys in Rise And Fall are pretty capable in communicating in English. So if they’re breaking up I think they would post a message along the lines of : We’re breaking up.

With ‘Faith’ the band has released their best material so far and it’s only logic they’re retreating after a year of touring and numerous shows. Catching a breath usually strengthens a band. Not that Rise And Fall are a band in bad shape. They bellowed out recent and older material and ended their set with ‘Faith’. Both Rise And Fall and Blind To Faith didn’t get an overactive response from the crowd but everyone was clearly into their performances.

Time for Kickback, the notorious band from France. From the moment the band came on stage the vibe became worse and worse. Some members were clearly looking for trouble. And what do you do when the people doesn’t seem to be totally into your set? You throw a monitor of stage. You grab some full cans of beer and sling them into the audience and you try and see if you can get away with fucking up the PA system of the venue that put you on the show.

As said earlier it’s the kind of behavior one can expect from Kickback. So acting all surprised when it happens is a bit strange. You know the reputation of this band and it’s part of why people come to see them. If you want to avoid it, you just don’t let these guys play your venue.

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  1. Jan said on 2012-10-16

    Somehow everyone forgets that Kickback played an excellent show.

    • xroldx said on 2012-10-16

      The last time I saw Kickback prior to this one was also in the 013 and that didn’t end up well as well. I’m not really into their music so it’s hard for me to say if there show was good or not. That’s why I focused on other things.

  2. Just Killing Time said on 2012-10-16

    Somehow people seem to forget that Kickback has become a shit band with a real shitty attitude. It’s only a mattter of time befor that pathetic dipshit they have on vocals really hurts somebody during a show…

    Why this band still gets to play any shows is beyond me.

    • XemonerdX said on 2012-10-16

      Kickback used to pull shit like this back in the day as well, incl choking ppl with the mic cord. Not that I approve, but you know what you’re in for when you go see Kickback.

      • Just Killing Time said on 2012-10-16

        True, and I never liked their live shows because of this. Forever War is a great album, but on a whole, this is just not my kind of band. (the part about them becoming a shit band was refering to their albums, they’ve always been shit live, attitude wise).

        A friend of mine once was comepletely siked and even happy after a Kickback show because Stephan kicked him directly in the face from the stage. I just don’t get that kind of stuff.

        • XemonerdX said on 2012-10-16

          Yeah, I guess it’s similar to fans of GG Allin, Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza and such… Kickback’s quite tame in comparison, heh…

  3. DavidTH said on 2012-10-16

    They play these kinds of shows, because promoters hear the stories and think they’ll attract some people. They do, but it’s just like Arold says, you know what you booked and you know the reputation, don’t be surprised if they do exactly what the stories tell.

  4. heartless said on 2012-10-16

    (copy/paste from forum)
    No Letdown Sunday.
    Blind to faith “blew” like a motherfucker. Fast,slow,heavy. Cool!
    Rise & Fall were awesome!! i really like the depth in a lot of their songs. During faith/fate i received a textmessage from my dad stating that my uncle had just passed away (stomach cancer). Woo is life… Great show though and i picked up some merch as well.
    Kickback played a decent show good variation in songs from almost every album and Stephen was on the prowl as usual. After throwing a full can across the venue which crashed against the wall in between the light -and sound guys,the show stopped quite abrubtly after the last 2 songs and the soundguy was pretty pissed off seeing him closing the curtains and everybody had to get out asap. fitting end i guess…
    + Spoke to some good people including DavidTH.
    + Had a few beers, and enjoyed the show. And yes, Kickback also played a good show.
    – Shitty message from my dad.

  5. cc said on 2012-10-22

    Has no one ever kicked that kickback frontman back or something like that?

  6. Just Killing Time said on 2012-10-22

    Not someone I would pick a fight with… Heard a nice story last year about the whole band chasing somebody with broken table legs, eventually attacking a car, after that guy playfully offended a friend of the band in a backstage somewhere… The guy who told me this was there and is not know to tell tall tales…so yeah.