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Kids Insane – All Over

Kids Insane – All Over

People in Israel definitely have tons of stuff to be pissed off about and Kids Insane has no trouble in voicing that anger. With a nice portion of irony and a good measure of fun they released their new album on vinyl. It’s titled ‘All Over’ and is well worth a listen in my opinion, because these guys from Tel Aviv have a sound worth checking out.

The band is inspired by the likes of Dillinger Four and The Lawrence Arms and has an energetic high speed sound combined with a catchy vibe. The music on ‘Love’ immediately leaves you tapping your feet to the catchy rhytm and vocals. Short, powerful songs of this group that seems to have a liking for Black Flag. They don’t sound much like them though.

Verse is a reference that comes up with ‘Hanged, Drawn and Quartered’ or ‘Don’t Need This’, which has a nice little Rise Against guitar intro . The cynicism of songs like ‘No Place Like Home’ is very clear, specially since this band calls their country “Israhell”. By the time you get to ‘Waste’, you start to really like and sympathise with these guys. The songs are layered with strong emotion and melodic sound.

A reference to More Than Life is truly fitting when you hear ‘Story Of  A Lonely Street’. This band knows how to really work the moods. On ‘Fix It’ and ‘Same Shit, Different Scene’ the band happily gets back to energy driven punkrock, where that little bit of oldschool hardcore inspiration shines through. Guitar driven power makes ‘Wrecking Ball into an excellent piece of hyperenergetic punkrock. The record closes up with ‘Spread It All Over’ and leaves anyone wanting more, this is one awesome album and only very limitedly available so get them while they are hot!

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