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Krimtänk / Five Finger Discount – Split EP

Krimtänk / Five Finger Discount – Split EP

Krimtänk from Jönköping has been around since 2004 with an ever changing line-up. They play a kind of crusty hardcore. Five Finger Discount is a two piece outfit from Vetlanda, playing ’50s rock’n’roll. Pretty much as far apart you can get on the rock spectrum. However, these swedish rockers have one thing in common and that is their split EP. It looks cheap and simple… but looks can be deceiving.

Krimtänk sounds raw and fast, a sound without any semblance of compromise. They sound grinding and repetitive guitar work persists throughout the songs. You’ll  have a hard time comparing them, since their side of the split is simply horrible sounding. Four songs blurt past you, of which the first two are the best. ‘Stressad tillvaro’ and ‘Häng dem högt’ both are just mindless blasts of fury and anger, that sound like angry static clawing it’s way out of your speakers.

Compare them to the likes of Iskra or Disfear, without any melodic skills. ‘Endag i verkligheten’ and ‘Blir du för vanad’ are both live tracks, and therefore even more unbearable to hear. Still, to each their own.

I expected to not really care much for that other side of the record, but it turns out to be the best. Five Finger Discount plays the dirty kind of ’50’s rock’n’roll but it definitely has a punky edge to it. Think Kings of Nuthin’ and Those Poor Bastards. ’22 Nights’ is a raw, shouted rock’n’roll salvo that makes you want to get up and dance around the clock tonight, where ‘Lucy And Jimmy’ has that powerful bass intro that goes straight to your bones. Only two songs on this side leave me a little disappointed, mainly because the other side is a mess. Fun, but really the kind of record you want to spend money on.


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