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Life Long Tragedy – Destined For Anything

Life Long Tragedy – Destined For Anything

I have this CD for quite some months now and I keep spinning it. That’s pretty rare cause aside from the usual Cro Mags & Johnny Cash and stuff like that, not much gets repetative spins lately. Life Long Tragedy isn’t really original or anything but it just feels right and you just keep listening to it. So this isn’t brand new but I thought it was worth a review, especially since I can’t seem to find any reviews about this album on the net.

Life Long Tragedy has (ex)-members of Duckhunt (QUACK, QUACK) & Allegiance and plays raging melodic hardcore with heavy breakdowns. So what can you compare these guys to? Take some Modern Life Is War and mix it with some Terror and little bit of Unbroken. They’re a pretty young band (the singer was 17 when they recorded this CD) but with this record they deliver a promising debut. I’m really curious where they’ll go from here when they’ll stay together.

The lyrics are personal and are about growing up and searching your destiny, friendship and hardcore. Nothing groundbreaking but sincere and from the heart. The artwork is great (done by Isotope221, also did Modern Life Is War & Champion), simple but powerful. A simple blue/white color-scheme and a couple of good photos with the title theme. Nicely done.

I can’t wait to check these guys out on tour in Europe in October. If those shows will be half as good as this debut we’re in for a treat.

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