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Light The Fuse compilation 2006

Light The Fuse compilation 2006

As with the previous Light The Fuse edition this year there also was a compilation 7″. This time Abusive Action, Birds Of A Feather, Strike First, True Colors, Remain & New Morality contributed a song. All of them were originally exclusive for this compilation. They still are, except for the Birds Of A Feather and Strike First contributions. The Birds Of A Feather song was added to their MCD release and Strike First re-recorded “Set To Explode” for their 7″.

The cover drawing is done by Michiel in his typical style, I like it. In the booklet every band gets their own page. Highlights are the Abusive Action page (great drawing of a bear and a fox by Sophia) & the Strike First page (hahaha that picture, nice one Koen).

I can’t say I have a favorite song on this comp, they’re all pretty good. The sound is good, the booklet is good. If you weren’t smart enough to pick this one up at the Light The Fuse fest you’re lucky, you can still get it at

By the way, it seems we don’t rate compilations ? Well, I do rate this one. You have good compilation and you have bad compilations. This one is good. I’m looking forward to the next one, hopefully there will be one.

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