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Logn – Í fráhvarfi ljóss, myrkrið lifnar við

Logn – Í fráhvarfi ljóss, myrkrið lifnar við

For the rest of the world Logn seems to be a strange word, for people in Iceland it’s just the meaning for calm weather. Musically Logn is far from peaceful weather. The boys are combining crust, metallic hardcore and grindcore in a dark sound.

What you immediately hear after the brooding intro “Klofnun sakleysis” is the weak sound of this record, it’s such a shame because the rage of Logn is not well captured and that’s necessary for this music. Especially the drums are sounding like a mess and the guitars aren’t powerful in the mix. The record start with some slow and dragging stuff and afterwards becoming faster and faster till the middle one “Salt í sárin”. They’ve mixed a crying woman into dark and acoustic tunes with a buzzing sound in the back. Very nice, it’s just a shame it suffers a bit from the dull production.

The fast recipe continues and ends in a slow song once again. I like the approach of Logn, the dark intentions and musical ideas are well thought however the band isn’t playing them tight. The fast songs “Ykkar eigið svarthol” and “Hyldu þig, hræ” are the worst. The vocals in the crusty grindcore songs are always the same type of screams without catchy one liners. Fritz Hendrik Berndsen IV lay down better vocal lines in the slower ones. The post-metal end of “Illspá II” is the best song of the record also because of the vocals. The melancholy is what pulls this one off!

With bands like Cursed, All Pigs Must Die and The Secret as competitors that’s not enough and Logn unfortunately can’t compete.

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