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Loma Prieta – Self Portrait

Loma Prieta – Self Portrait

If you are into noisy and dissonant post hardcore, Loma Pieta’s previous album I.V. must have been on your end of the year list. These guys do a great job playing loud music in a chaotic way without ever losing the listener into too many weird sidesteps.

On Self Portrait, the band sounds more melodic than ever (especially when compared to the split with Raein). A song like ‘More Perfect’ is the perfect addition this band needed. Before, it was quite easy to feel overpowered by their sound, relentless playing at a frantic pace without any quiet moments to act as a counterbalance. But with these additions to Self Portrait, the band exceeds expectations.

Fear not, the aforementioned song still has many The Dillinger Escape Plan moment of yore. Radio-friendly is not a term associated with the melody Loma Prieta has added. After this, the band swerves onto experimental terrain which does make the album feel a little uneven. First four fast songs, then melody and afterwards some dream pop/post hardcore songs like ‘Never Remember’ or closer  ‘Satellite’.

Overall, the balance could have been better but Self Portrait is a refreshing step into the bands career, even more so because their sound didn’t really need refreshing.

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