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Love Buzzard – s/t EP

Love Buzzard – s/t EP

Love Buzzard is a new garage-rock duo from Leeds and Guildford. This is their debut EP. At first I thought “oh, more White Stripes shit, just what the world needs”. Despite my hesitance I decided to give this EP a spin and boy, was I wrong jumping to that White Stripes conclusion. This is so much better than that. Why? Cause these two dudes are energetic as fuck. Something the White Stripes never were (in my eyes). This is the kind of stuff you want to have playing (’till their fingers bleed) in your pub. This band sounds like they’re having fun. Don’t you just love seeing a band play that’s having fun?

The downside of missing a bass player is the sound is a bit thin when the songs slow down a bit. Heavens got an electric fence is the prime example here. On the faster tracks the guitar is enough, but on the slower tracks you’ll miss a solid foundation on which the band can build. A big pro in their sound is the echo used on the vocals. I just love that sound.

I’ll keep this review short and to the point, like the EP itself: check it out!

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