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Love Sex Machine – Love Sex Machine

Love Sex Machine – Love Sex Machine

“Holy shit!” was my first reaction when I heard this Love Sex Machine album. The guitarsound is fucking crushing, it’s like the Frenchmen have tuned their instruments like they’re the neighbours of Bongripper. But they also use vocals, the riffs are far more sludge metal and the tempo is much higher.

If this is the sound of a Love Sex Machine women will have a tough / pleasant time (depending what they like) and with titles like “Anal on a Deceased Virgin”, “Vagina Curse” or “Killed with a Monstercock” they are not very friendly towards girls. You expect these titles from a goregrind band but maybe these French are still in their puberty. According to the music they aren’t. Well structured music, heavy breakdowns, massive piles of riffs, riffs & riffs.

Of course this sludge style is popular at the moment and all these bands are begging to play on the Roadburn festival, I admit Love Sex Machine deserves a spot in the Batcave. The place will be fully packed and things will be hot and heavy. During the eight songs you hear a hardcore edge due to the breaks, the uptempo and the screaming vocals. The guitarists have tuned their instruments as low as Meshuggah and also the production feels like the band has recorded this album in an industrial enviroment.

At the end of the record you feel sick and tired because Love Sex Machine has exhausted every vein and bone of your body. The monotonous sound is threatening and is booming in your head until you have a headache. The last song “Warstrike on the Piss” will surely be played when the end of the world has come. The eight pieces of heaviness are released on 300 12″ inches. You better be on time to get a copy before the world is gone.

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