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Lunar Outpost – Confusion Is Forever

Lunar Outpost – Confusion Is Forever

Lunar Outpost. Sorry, but when I read that bandname in my mail, my mouse went to the “delete” button pretty much right away. That’s how it is these days kids. We judge often and we judge fast. Because I already knew I wasn’t going to like their futuristic, synthesizer driven glam or nu-metal. At least, that’s pretty much how I imagined they would sound based upon that name. For whatever reason I thought twice about it and decided to check out their record on BandCamp first. I was totally sure I wasn’t going to like it though.

And then I heard the first song… One name hit me right away. The Wipers. The riff, the sound, it all reminded me of the Wipers. And that’s NEVER a bad thing. I love the Wipers. And you should too. Too bad Lunar Outpost is not as good though. They’re not bad, but it’s not exactly on the same level as the Wipers. But let’s be honest, that’s not anything they should be ashamed of. I also like Bush’s first album Sixteen Stone, although they’re nowhere as good as Nirvana.

With all my prejudice, I was right about one thing though. There’s synthesizers! And although I’m not exactly a fan of synths (and they were quite upfront in the mix) they didn’t annoy me that much to be honest. I liked the melodies it added, but after hearing it come back into every song… I do have to admit that I think the songs would sound better if they replaced the synths with a guitar playing those notes. But hey, that’s me. Can anybody please keep the angry synthplayer away from me when she reads this, those things probably hurt like hell when smashed into my face.

This is Lunar Outpost’s second full length and from a quick listen they didn’t change much between the two albums. I actually think recording wise the first album sounds a bit better (at least the vocals are less buried in the mix). Anyway, all in all I’m glad I didn’t ignore that mail they did send me. Lunar Outpost is not the best band ever, they will not floor you, but I liked their record and you might too. You can check it out below and judge for yourself:

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