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Man Overboard – Passing Ends

Man Overboard – Passing Ends

Man Overboard. These guys have to be named (“have to” because of the genre in which they are active) after the famous Blink 182 song. And you can say whatever you want, but I did grow up with Blink 182, which makes them kinda hero’s of my youth. Which leads back to the fact that everytime these guys drop something I get triggered. After a few of these moments I now finally made my move on some of their work…

Maybe my timing isn’t that good ’cause this won’t do anything good on Man Overboard for me. The nagging and overemotional insincere vocals make me kind of shiver in a bad way… this EP being fully acoustic is maybe contributing to my bad timing. Also it sounds like they have an interaction between two singers… But these guys have exactly the same type of voice and singing…. This all being said, I promise to check out their first future album because this maybe is not the fairest review.

Please don’t get me wrong. They play quite alright and the production’s good etc. but it’s just that personally this  isn’t my cup of tea. If you’re into the modern emo pop than you maybe can enjoy this but I rather play Blinks man overboard on repeat rather than these guys.


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