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The latest in my series of “I am strumming my cat like a guitar” style off-the-cuff reviews:

I am immediately loving this intro, with its plethora of classic HC samples. Once I got to the real songs, I discovered I enjoy Mir’s voice, which is huge, because he is the main reason I checked these guys out in the first place. Bands where friends play non-melodic instruments always make me nervous, because their good taste cannot be counted on to shape the guitar parts, and if the chords don’t resolve I’m never gonna like it. The second biggest thing for me is vocals and luckily I really like these, and the way they are recorded. Just the right combination of clarity and flair, and great Pressure Release style echoes. I am also hearing a bit of Wide Awake in these earnestly well written tunes. A tiny hint of a slinky bass line lurks in The Choice, which feels much more substantial than a 1 minute and 7 second song. Balance starts out a bit slower and features additional vocal range and a delicious guitar lead. I enjoyed the barebones chorus in Slip, as well as how the vocals interact with the more inventive drum part at the end.

My Power – I hope this is a deliberate Show of Force reference, and I guess the only appropriate response is to write a demo of my own which also alludes to (alludes! references! not bites!) some SOF nomenclature of my own. Though thematically the lyrics are totally different than the Show of Force song. Also on a second listen I am totally hearing a bit of Intro Bust. SOF and Warzone: these are a few of my favorite things.

It probably helps that I don’t listen to a ton of bands this clean and austere, so everything is fresher to me than if you presented me with like, a third rate version of Next Step Up (which I would probably also love in turn, because Next Step Up). But while pulling from classic influences, this feels original rather than derivative. This demo left me feeling upbeat and energized, which is probably not the ideal result since it’s 10:31 on the East Coast and bedtime is looming. But I would most heartily recommend Might to hardcore enthusiasts of all stripes, those who immediately think of the might-related rhyme scheme in Vindictive Nature or otherwise.


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