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Modern Life Is War – Witness

Modern Life Is War – Witness

There are not many CD’s that I get really excited about, but the new Modern Life Is War CD was one of those. In 2003 they blown me away out of the blue with their debut, so I couldn’t wait to spin this next release. With every live show I saw, the expectations grew higher and higher.

Before I’ll let you know if they fulfilled those expectations, I’ll have to introduce this band to the few unlucky people that lived under a rock or something (you can replace this with any cliche phrase you want). Some keywords for you : darkness, intense, passionate, heavy, melodic, desperate and pissed.

Well, Witness is everything I hoped it to be. It’s a logical follow up to “My Love, My Way” but it feels different nonetheless. If it seemed like the world came to an end on “My Love, My Way”, you’ll be damn sure there’s nothing left of it after listening to Witness. Aside from the catchy (for MLIW at least) “D.E.A.D.R.A.M.O.N.E.S.” there are less singalongs on this record. It’s all darker and even more desperate. I can be short about the production, it’s better than on “My Love, My Way”. The artwork (including the 24 page booklet!) is done by Jake Bannon (Converge) and is really cool, black and silver/grey images with parts of the lyrics. Works great.

With a follow-up you always have to compare it to the previous album but I don’t know yet if this one’s better or if I prefer their previous effort. I don’t want to chose anyway. I like both albums and I’m sure they’ll both end up in my CD player a lot.

In short: They did it again. Already looking forward to their next release.

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