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Natural Order – Natural Order

Natural Order – Natural Order

When the frontman of a band requests the person reviewing his new E.P to be someone who ‘hates me and the music I make’ then making the review objective becomes just a bit more difficult. When that person is SWNK’s very own Doghead the task becomes more difficult still.

Natural Order for those who don’t know are anĀ amalgamationĀ of Ark Of The Covenant, More Than Life and Deal With It. This 7″ isn’t a pleasant listen. For all the kids who are more interested in getting re-blogs on Tumblr because of your new windbreaker or Nike Air Max’s, just don’t bother with this, it’s not for you.

This isn’t an easy listening E.P, lines like “Wake up, smell the shit” sum up the feel of the E.P nicely. There are sections which don’t even have what people may refer to as ‘structure.’ Axis Chemical Factory richochets between spoken word sections referencing the lack of value of Human Existence, cancer, child abuse and genocide and grinding, chugging guitars. If there is one word that suitably captures the sound of this E.P it is ‘violence.’

After hearing the stories of Mike taking to the Outbreak fest stage with a hammer, violence seems the most apt description of the music. At times this E.P sounds fucking horrible. Horrible in the sense that you wouldn’t be shocked to get kicked in the face by any of the band mid-set should you mosh too close to the stage.

There is no let up in the intensity, everything here sounds pissed off and fucking vitriolic. It’s only four tracks long and that is really all thats needed.

If you want to listen to music that the majority of your friends and family will inevitably hate; listen to this E.P.

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