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Neighborhood Brats – Recovery

Neighborhood Brats – Recovery

After a slew of EP’s Neighborhood Brats (finally!) found the time to write and record a full length. About time if you ask me, but also quite a step. All their EP’s are well worth your time, but I’ve one complaint: they are over much too soon. This kind of fast, high energy hardcore punk is working out really well on the 7” format, but to fill an EP the band has to pay attention to not loosing their listeners halfway.

The production of this full length is just perfect for Recovery. The guitar is melodic and riffing away at high speed, the bass is clearly audible and not just supporting, but actually catchy as hell at times. The drums are not forgotten and provide a drive that will raise your energy to an extreme high. The vocals are clear and really finish it of. Where on previous releases Jenny Angelillo sounded like an excited cheerleader at times she now sounds almost bored at times. It took me some time to get used to that, but I totally dig her sound now. I’m curious if she can combine those two styles live. Hell, I’m curious to how this band sounds live anyway! This should be able to blow you away.

On this album the band manages to keep your attention by providing you with catchy tune after catchy tune. That’s quite a feat actually, considering the speed on which they operate. And then, just when you might think you’ve heard enough the band breaks away into a catchy surf tune just to keep you on the edge of your seat. Alright, if you’re not convinced yet, perhaps I should start namedropping. The band has been called the female fronted Black Flag. I’d like to add Dead Kennedys influences, although perhaps Red Dons influences sum it up better.

One advise before I finish this review: don’t play this album while driving your car unless you’ve got enough cash to spend on speeding tickets…

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