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Nemea – s/t

Nemea – s/t

After a brief moment of crackling, the intensity that is called Nemea breaks out of the speakers. The sound seems to be a bit dull, but that doesn’t trouble the listener that much. ‘Ceteceans’ is overlayed with intense and sharp riffing. These Belgians know how to make some intense, bone rattling metalcore, infused with sludge and hardcore.

These guys used to be active (or are still active) in Take It Down and The Brave Do Not Fear The Grave. The band originally took of in 2007, but it needed this input of new members to really kick off in 2008. Because playing in one kick ass band was not satisfying enough, the members became active in Low Society, Disnight and Dedicted. 

Now  what does this band remind us of with hammering songs, with this sludgy drag like ‘High Priestess’? Well, The Setup, Heiress and Narrows. Listening to those epic breaks and intense epic sound I simply can’t avoid writing what everyone else does: they have that Mastodon sound going strong for them. The pulsating stream of music that amounts in epic bursts. The even include the mythical themes.

If the openingtracks have not convinced you yet, then the build up to ‘Home Is The Hunter’ will grab you by the throat and scream in your face. Slow riffing and agonised screams beat your eardrums with heavy hits. ‘The Paradigm Shift’ reminds me a bit of the blackened hardcore by bands like Full of Hell or even that death’n’roll with epic shifts of Kvelertak.

I could continue about the storm at sea that ‘Those Cripple Bones’ sounds like, or the ocean of despair of ‘Wølfskin’, that turns into a blackened thunderous tribute tot dark gods. What it boils down is that this EP is awesome and I want more.

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