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No – No

No – No

A pretty noisy record. Would be a simple explanation, but let’s not leave it at that. With plentiful of rock-influences, garage, classic punk and crust – the mystical band No from London introduces me to a world of hurt. If this is how it feels to have a brick smashed onto your head repeatedly, then I certainly have experienced it. With ears ringing from the white noise and chaotic environment of the songs they deliver, they make me think of a toned down version of Massgrav with the crusty influences of Martyrdöd. But then again I like the riffs, hardcore attitude and experimental nature of this band.

Including members from bands like Sattelites Of Love, Shitty Limits and Tremors. This album can be targeted for listening if you like Die Kreuzen, White Cross and Mecht Mensch. The only missing ingredient as I feel it, is the speed. But they make up for it in terms of originality, and at the same time searching for the roots. An important thing that can make everything else decrease in greatness. Thank you for screwing my head apart and putting it back, much appreciated. Hopefully you wont be trapped in the manic soundscape. Remember, it’s just a record – and a fine one at that.

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