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No Way Out – Dead Ends

No Way Out – Dead Ends

I gotta hand it to Pee Records, they know how to mix it up. I just finished listening to Hightime (review up soon) and The Decline, both of whom made me want to find an empty car park and skate the Summer away, and now I’m spinning the No Way Out CD and it makes me want to uppercut an articulated lorry.

What we have here, ladies and gentlemen, is some utterly relentless and hard as hell Hatebreed style hardcore from Melbourne, Australia. Cripplingly heavy downstrokes, unforgiving mosh parts, an enormous attitude problem, and a vocalist that could shout down a building.

But this is more layered than the average band playing this style. A few Shadows Fall style guitar parts here, some slow and bleak sounding track intros there, a perfectly placed sample from Law Abiding Citizen – it keeps it interesting and ensures each song stands out.

There is no let up whatsoever, this CD pummels you mercilessly for nine tracks with its gloriously violent and unapologetic charm. Standout tracks are ‘Defiance’ which has a slight Integrity (circa ‘To Die For’) vibe, and title track ‘Dead Ends’ for its enormous chugging mid section and great guitar work.

Fuck this album is good.

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