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Nothing – Downward Years To Come

Nothing – Downward Years To Come

Downward Years To Come is the latest release from Philadelphia shoegazers Nothing, coming out on A389 Recordings. With label-mates Anne and bands such as Whirr, Night Sins, Chelsea Girl and Cold Cave it seems as though there’s a strong movement in the US of hardcore guys moving on to fresher pastures in the form of the British sounds of shoegaze and post punk. And they do it a lot better than any contemporary British bands.

Droning guitars lurch above feedback in opener The Dives (Lazarus In Ashes). Nicky Money’s vocals are whispered and pained creating a melancholic aura running throughout. Things pick up in the following tracks and it has an almost My Bloody Valentine-esque vibe with dreamy pop riffs glazed over misty soundscapes. The songs are at a faster tempo, the vocals are still whispered yet more coherent.

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Final track The Rites Of Love And Death offers something completely different. This doesn’t sound too dissimilar to something Death In June would record. A sombre affair with acoustic guitars, subtle drums and warming tones. A fitting farewell to an a record that captures a journey of emotions.

Downward Years To Come is five tracks of shoegazing bliss. If you’re a fan of Slowdive, Ride, My Bloody Valentine or any of the classics then you’ll definitely be in to this.

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