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Noviot Pochetok – Jas sum zemja

Noviot Pochetok – Jas sum zemja

Roughly three years after Melancholic machine Noviot Pochetok release their next album Jas zum zemja. A lot can change in three years. That is also the case for Noviot Pochetok. To be more precise: only two members of the band are left from the Melancholic machine line-up. On bass and drums we find new members. The new bass player Borjan was already introduced in the interview with lead singer Fitz in our interview last year. By now they’ve also found a new drummer in Stefan. Let’s hope he’s up to the ambitious touring plans Fitz had last year when we interviewed him.

The important question is: did this shift in personnel influence their sound? I’d say it did. The music on Melancholic machine had that hardcore punk sound that put the band in the same environment as Good Riddance and Rise Against. On Jas zum zemja that hardcore edge has moved to the background. The band is still undeniable punk, but has added influences from other genres. Mainly from the indie-rock school. Rezervatot, opening song of the b-side of this album (yes, it’s also out on vinyl!) is a prime example of that.

There’s a couple of songs on here that wear their influences on it’s sleeves: Pepel i prav and Paralelni svetovi must have been written after listening to the last couple of Bad Religion albums (a bit too much?). The vocal melodies, the lead guitar, well… basically everything on these songs reminds me of Bad Religion. And they get away with it. These song break away a bit from the rest of the album giving it the necessary diversification.

Lyrically Fitz again is delving into personal matters and he appears not too happy. At least that’s my feeling after going through some of the lyrics. If you’re wondering if I mastered another language lately: no, the band is kind enough to include a translation of the lyrics on their bandcamp page.

One thing I really don’t like about this album is the artwork. Which is a shame, really. I did enjoy the artwork of Melancholic machine a lot, but this time around the artwork looks a bit too simplistic to me. But don’t judge a book by it’s cover, this album is so much better than you might expect after looking at the artwork. The band has changed it sound a bit, but not for the worse. They manage to sound fresh and full of energy again. Highly recommended!

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