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Obliterations – Poison Everything

Obliterations – Poison Everything

Southern Lord strikes again. Obliterations deliver one of the best records of the year if you’re looking for a soundtrack for destruction. This is the beast of Black Flag and Motorhead combined.

Apparently members of Black Mountain and Saviours found the time to come together and write 13 songs that in my opinion sound what I imagine Rise And Fall would have sounded like if they sped up their songs or Motorhead with Gregg Ginn on guitar. Damn this is some aggressive music.

Whereas sometimes bands who go for speed don’t manage to keep my attention for a whole record, Obliterations show the craftsmanship of combining aggression with variation and songs that appear to be simple yet don’t bore the hell out of you after the first two times you hear them.

Put these guys on a show with Blind To Faith and Sex Drive and no one will be left standing.



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