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Old Ghosts – Drowning

Old Ghosts – Drowning

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Dead Hearts are one of the most underrated bands of the past ten years. To me they fit right in with Modern Life Is War and The Suicide File. Not long after the release of their full length Bitter Verses Dead Hearts called it quits but some members have a new band going: Old Ghosts.

On their debut full length Caskets (released on State Of Mind Recordings  and Assault Records some months ago), basically an LP release of their demo, the band pretty much sounded like Dead Hearts. The music was slow and dark and the typical vocals were still intact. Drowning is the second release from the band and a small step away from Dead Hearts. Especially lyric wise there seems to have been a shift from the more personal lyrics of later Dead Hearts and early Old Ghost material to the politically fueled songs on this EP.

If you like depressing, brooding  and angered hardcore with a touch of melody and politics this EP is fuel for you. Let’s hope there’s more recognition for Old Ghosts than there was for Dead Hearts.

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