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One Burning Match – Self Titled

One Burning Match – Self Titled

One Burning Match from France sent me their self titled album along with some promotional material like a poster, flyers and stickers. Looks like these guys are really putting effort in spreading their music. And that’s definitely something to be appreciated.

But in the end its always about the music. And is it any good? Yes, it is actually. One Burning Match’s self titled album features 13 songs mixing post-hardcore, screamo and a dash of punk rock. The record kicks off with a modern intro sample which then bursts into ‘One Burning Match (Is Enough To Start A Riot)’. Convincing, hard, yet very clear and neat production-wise. The tracks on this album have a certain groove attached to it which keeps things interesting and makes One Burning Match different from the generic post-hardcore band. Songs like ‘On A Drip’ and ‘Autumn Will Be Black’ show that the band knows how to make good use of melodies and stay diverse. Fast paced hardcore, intense slow parts and climaxing intro’s. These Frenchmen know what they’re doing and they nail it.

All in all ‘One Burning Match’ is a enjoyable album which mixes post-hardcore, screamo and even punk rock into their own heavy, modern and groovy formula. And since this is their first album I’m very curious to see what these guys are capable of in the future.

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