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Oneirogen – Plenitude

Oneirogen – Plenitude

Oneirogen is the brainchild of Mario Diaz de Leon who once played guitar for the legendary metalcore act Disembodied. Under the banner of Oneirogen he plays hallucinating experimental music that ranges from ambient, IDM, Industrial, noise and even Doom/Black elements. No real drums are included.

The EP ‘Plenitude’ is a startup for an upcoming new album. In ‘Oxygen’ subtle beats are placed in the back of heartwarming ambient. Feedback noise is slowly woven into the sound when “Collapsing” is taking over your sound system. Industrial beats and screaming vocals on the forefront marks the new path of Oneirogen. Still the glance of heartwarming ambient in the back creates a paradox in this song. Where night and day welcome each other.

“Vessel” is starting with industrial beats while synthesizer riffs are taking over the scene. Daring vocals, feedback and techno pulses end this short song into a climax. The timing of 3:17 is almost perfect for radio purposes as is the compactness of the song too; however it will be too experimental and brutal in the end. The cooling down is set in with the title song and emergence; synth waves and beats make you dream you are at the beach when the sun is coming up in the morning.

In less than 22 minutes the EP is over and I am hungry for more sound experiments. To saturate the hunger Mario Diaz De Leon is on a European tour in the beginning of October; his first as Oneirogen.

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