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Only Crime – Pursuance

Only Crime – Pursuance

When Only Crime announced their debut album, fans of punk rock and hardcore rejoiced. Featuring members of stalwarts Good Riddance, Descendents, Bane and Rise Against, how could To the Nines disappoint? With their third, Pursuance, they’ve returned in shape! Unfortunately they chose one of the weaker songs and a boring cliché concept for the video. Better check out ‘In Blood’ if you’re interested.

In a way, this record comes at a perfect time. The weather is getting better and the need for a solid melodic hardcore punk record is imminent. Russ Rankin does a great job with his vocals, showing off his range and making the want for a new Good Riddance album almost obsolete. But the key player is Bill Stevenson, who, with his energetic drumming, manages to completely overshadow the decent guitar playing. Still, I expected more from Aaron Dalbec.

The whole album is catchy, though not groundbreaking. No fillers, just half a hour of well crafted music by veterans. It is one of those records that shows that 2014 is the year for punk rock.


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